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Broadacast1 is an EXPRESSION of a story that is unique, authentic and engaging!

Broadcast1 is a branded media platform, dissemination knowledge, and information in an interesting and engaging manner across relevant platforms of Television, Digital, and Print. The key is grabbing the attention of today’s consumer and driving real engagement through content. All the popular intellectual properties created by B1 from Workplace Excellence to India Indeed to Disruptors to few more, not only caters to the communications voids like Employer Branding, Social Impact Communications, CSR and Organisational Branding but also gives the associated organisations a recognition for their efforts in the said platforms. With our annual series, we put our best to build brand affinity and educate people with their positive contribution towards society.

Broadcast1 has been involved in successfully partnering with top brands and creating content solutions, offering a strategic 360-degree solutions to influence the influencers of India, and in return, have a wide impact across the entire spectrum in an efficient manner. Working in experiential marketing gives us a vast knowledge of consumer and business interests. Our ability to explore the world of our clients allows us to capture and document people, and processes.

B1 Bespoke

  • Broadcast 1 Bespoke

B1 BESPOKE’s value to its customer is bringing together a world-class delivery with an understanding of brand and target audience. By offering experienced guidance, B1 Bespoke ensures the best media optics and brand awareness. Armed with industry experience we understand that an content is more than just messaging, it is an opportunity that needs an effective distribution strategy.

We provide custom tailored video marketing solutions for budgets large and small to businesses of all sizes. Our talent and staffing can be scaled to fit your needs without compromising on our commitment to deliver premium value, exceptional service and the compelling video content you require. Our range of services span across all aspects of content production. Right from ideating to concept development to communicating the brand’s purpose to pre and post production storyboarding, procuring the right equipment even delivering it to the right target audience to digital amplification, we execute each project with the same commitment to quality and attention to detail.

B1 Bespoke also offers consultative services to enable your company to take advantage of the evolving and innovative ways video content is being used today. We can help you to explore options to ensure your video content meets the expectations of your customers, is positioned competitively in your unique marketplace, and drives ROI with efficiencies, precision, value, and results.


  • EXPertise

Our core competency is conceptualizing and creating content, content solution. An experience in producing for brands and agencies allows us to tell your story uniquely and authentically.Proper ideating, planning and executing are the foundation for our projects. Research, assembling the right team, and logistics are crucial for execution.Focusing on the organization, communication, and leadership we manifest vision into reality. We keep the “on set” and “on location” experience seamless and comfortable from setup to wrap out.