• About us

Broadcast1 is India’s most authoritative media platform, disseminating knowledge and information.We help Brands empower their vision, imprint message, and engage preferred audiences. B1 uniquely tell authentic stories that engage and convert viewers. We primarily focus on creating avenues, insightful content solutions and ideating television/web series in association with country’s reputed television channels, publication houses, and web platforms. Broadcast1 also makes customized branded content for brands, top corporate houses and as well as social and cultural documentaries. Our high-quality research, independence, and convening power constitute our strength. All avenues created at Broadcast1 are not only informative but also gives deserving accolades to featured organizations and people.

Working with B1 is beyond brand building workshops, it is about engaging with your audiences and creating the ‘wow factor’. B1 has involved successfully partnering with top brands and created content marketing solutions offering strategic 360-degree solutions to influence the influencers of India, and in turn, have a wide impact across the entire spectrum in an efficient way. Working in experiential marketing gives us a vast knowledge of consumer and business interests. Our ability to explore the world of our clients allows us to capture and document people, and processes. This is what makes our expression of a story unique, authentic, and engaging.


  • EXPertise

Our core competency is conceptualizing and creating content, content solution. An experience in producing for brands and agencies allows us to tell your story uniquely and authentically.Proper ideating, planning and executing are the foundation for our projects. Research, assembling the right team, and logistics are crucial for execution.Focusing on the organization, communication, and leadership we manifest vision into reality. We keep the “on set” and “on location” experience seamless and comfortable from setup to wrap out.